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My hypnosis art is available during live sessions, online sessions (with or without camera) or as audio files (mp3). Each one is as individual as yourself, featuring your specific fetish or erotic fantasy.


Will I be completely under your spell? What exactly are you going to do to me? Can I be hypnotized at all?

As a certified hypnotist I can put you into a light trance state (alpha state) with different induction methods that I use. Of course you can still talk and move your body, as you are not unconscious and you don't sleep. We discuss the content of the hypnosis session - like a normal BDSM session where I ask for your interests, fetishes and hard limits - beforehand. I am therefore sending you a hypnosis questionnaire. 

Will I have forgotten everything after the session?

Come with me. And enjoy a wonderful journey. You will be aware of what is happening (unless I suggest a sensory deprivation). With hypnosis you will be in another state of awareness - the pictures in your head will be clearer, tangible and more intense. We could increase or change your pain threshold, intensify your fetish and put a trigger in your head. This makes our play in my theater of pain and delight much more exiting.

Does it work all the time? Will it work with me?

How successful - or let's say how intense - the hypnosis will be, depends on different factors. Most important is your own readiness. You have to be ready to do a hypnosis session with me. Just imagine we would like to dance together. If only I wanted to dance with you - and you wouldn't - it couldn't work! You have to be ready to follow me and you should want to dance too. Which answers also the question whether I can hypnotize you without your prior agreement. The answer is no. Because as you know that I COULD hypnotize you, your conscious mind would object, if it was not what you really wanted.

How can I prepare myself?

For a hypnosis session it is crucial that we have enough time. So I recommend you to book a 1,5 up to 2 hour session. Ideally, you don't have any important meetings or stressful appointments before or after our session, so you can enjoy our little trip to my parallel world.

What is this hypnotic trance state like? Can you describe it?

You may feel like you do just before you fall asleep. Very relaxed, everyday thoughts have faded into the background. Nevertheless, you are awake and clear. Just imagine how it could feel, if you entered this relaxed trance state, if you could really dive into a bizarre world of frivolous play with sweet domination and submission. A world where there is no light or shadow, taking you away from your daily train of thought. After our play, I will take you back to the here and now. There is no place from which I could not get you back. Just enjoy the incredible lightness of your being and let me guide you.

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